About Us

ComputerSims, LLC is a technology consulting company dedicated to delivering creative technology solutions to our clients. With a focus on user-friendly, accessible interfaces and standards compliance, we develop the most effective solution for our clients and customers.

Our Team

Our team of developers, designers, and project managers has expertise in many areas of software and web development, web design, usability, systems engineering, and technology management, going back to the early days of computing (before the web was popular, but after the Altair).

Our experience does not stop with commercial products and solutions from major vendors. We are experienced with many open-source products (as both users and contributors), and have contributed to the technology community as instructors and authors (both print and online).

Our History

ComputerSims, LLC was founded in 2004 by Brian DeMarzo, a twenty-year veteran of the information technology field. Tapping into his experience as a technology consultant, program/product manager, developer/architect, and systems engineer, he focused on providing services to clients where the relationship between the service provider and the client was most important.

Since then, ComputerSims has established a solid reputation as a provider of custom technology solutions. With a strong and growing client list and an expanding base of online services, the company expects continued success.